Our Team

Meet the Teacher!

Our lovely Habla teacher!

Sara Tevis is our amazing teacher from Palo Alto Adult School who organizes the curriculum and activities for Día and Noche. Sara has taught English as a Second language to adult learners in the U.S. and Costa Rica since 2001. She holds a B.S. in Economics and a M.A. in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). In addition to ESL, she teaches Spanish and Workplace Preparation. In her free time, Sara enjoys the outdoors and gardening with her family and pets.

Student Coordinators

Use stanfordwho or the built-in Stanford Gmail address book to get in touch with one of us directly, or use our simple contact form.

Día Coordinators:

  • Magdalena Kaluza
  • Blane Wilson
  • Pablo Lopez
  • Nick Cariello

Noche Coordinators:

  • Laura Crews
  • Christian Leal
  • Michael Diaz
  • Anna-Alycia Tucker

Habla Core (all student leaders)

Anna-Alycia Tucker  Noche Coordinator, Historian
Blane Wilson  Financial Officer, Día Coordinator
Christian Leal  Noche Coordinator, Teacher Liaison, Curriculum
Laura Crews  Noche Coordinator, Curriculum, Materials
Magdalena Kaluza  Día Coordinator
Michael Diaz  Noche Coordinator, Food Manager
Nick Cariello  El Presidente, Día Coordinator
Pablo Lopez
 Día Coordinator, Recruiting
Stephen Choi

Interested in getting more involved? We typically have applications for leadership positions in winter, but feel free to e-mail us anytime!

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