Posted by: hablaconstanford | October 9, 2012

Habla El Día

Whether you’re new or just returning to Habla, welcome back! A reminder that Día will be meeting Tuesday and Thursday for the rest of the quarter from 12-1pm in el Centro. If you weren’t paired last Thursday, please continue attending class this week and we will likely be able to pair you soon. Thanks!

Posted by: hablaconstanford | October 8, 2012

Habla La Noche

Hi tutors!

This is just a reminder that Habla la Noche classes are meeting Monday and Wednesday for the rest of the quarter from 10-11pm in el Centro. If you weren’t paired last Wednesday, please continue attending class this week and we will likely be able to pair you soon. Thanks and see you at 10!

Posted by: hablaconstanford | February 19, 2012

Class on Presidents Day (Monday)

We will be holding Habla Noche at our usual time tomorrow (Monday), so please come out unless you know your tutee will not be coming. Call or text your worker in advance to find out, and while you’re at it you can chat about how your weekends are going :)

Posted by: hablaconstanford | February 8, 2012

Valentine’s Day Card-Making Party on Saturday!

Come celebrate Valentine’s weekend with Habla this Saturday the 11th from 1-3pm at El Centro Chicano! Hang out, grab some food, make Valentine’s Day cards and get to know other tutors and tutees. Habla love!

Posted by: hablaconstanford | January 9, 2012

Classes start on Wednesday and Thursday!

Hey Hablantes, we’re having our first winter quarter classes of Habla this Wednesday the 11th (Noche, 10pm) and Thursday the 12th (Día, noon)! If you’ve tutored with us already, just come in on the day you want to teach this quarter. If you’re a new tutor/haven’t worked with Habla before, we’ll be holding orientations/training soon so be on the lookout for updates. You’re free to come drop in on a class too!

Contact us if you have any questions!

Posted by: hablaconstanford | November 7, 2011

Come hang out at the Habla potluck brunch this Sunday!

Posted by: hablaconstanford | October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Hope you’re all surviving midterms :) You’ll get through it and dominate, even if you have to go into triple overtime! As usual, take a look at our lesson handouts before class if you’d like to see what we’re going over this week. That’s all for now!

Posted by: hablaconstanford | October 24, 2011

Weekly lesson handouts and more fun

Now that Habla has started in full swing, we’ll be getting into the rhythm of diving into actual lessons, yay! To help you tutors not feel completely lost when you come each day, we’re going to start uploading weekly lesson handouts and outlines in our new Tutor Resources page. Let us know if these are useful or not, what else we could do to help you prepare for a good session with your tutee, or anything else that’s on your mind :)

We’ll be planning some fun tutor events in the coming weeks as well as some chill study hangouts, so be sure to read the occasional emails we do send out! (if you’re not sure you’re on our mailing list yet, you can add yourself to the Día or Noche list)

Good luck with week 5! Sí se puede :)

Posted by: hablaconstanford | October 5, 2011

Habla starts tonight!

Hey all –

Quick reminder:
For Noche peeps, the action starts tonight! 10-11PM in El Centro lounge.
For Día, yall are on tomorrow, 12-1PM. (Meet at El Centro but I think you’ll be upstairs in the Nitery.. folks will be there to direct you.)
Let us know if you have any questions!
Posted by: hablaconstanford | October 3, 2011

Tutor training today and tomorrow 7-9pm!

A reminder that all new tutors are required to attend one of our training sessions either today or tomorrow (Mon 10/3 or Tues 10/4) at El Centro Chicano from 7-9pm. This will help you get familiarized with the structure of Habla, meet our student coordinators and Sara (our teacher from the Palo Alto Adult School), and learn ways to effectively work with your tutee.

Let us know if you can’t make either of these sessions and we’ll work something out so you can get started tutoring ASAP. Noche starts this Wednesday and Día this Thursday.

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